Seit Jahren veranstaltet der europäische Agrarjournalistenverband ENAJ in Kooperation mit den jeweiligen Länder-Verbänden die LBPT, also die „Low Budget Press Trips“ in die unterschiedlichsten EU-Mitgliedsländer, darunter auch schon mehrmals nach Österreich.



Hier eine Vorschau auf die jetzt schon bekannten Pressereisen im Jahr 2024 (in englischer Originalsprache):

ENAJ trips 2024
We publish this “Save the Date” list for ENAJ’s upcoming events. We would be pleased to welcome you on one or more of our trips. We are sure you will enjoy yourselves and get good insights for interesting future stories. Registration for the trips hasn’t started yet.



Still, please don’t hesitate to contact Low Budget Press Trip (LBPT) coordinator Adrian Krebs () or Melanie Epp (for the EU-FarmBook event, ) in case you are interested in one of those.

6th to 9th of April 2024
LBPT to Belgium for the Informal Meeting of Agricultural Ministers
As we have done many times before, ENAJ is organizing a trip in collaboration with the EU presidency on the occasion of the informal meeting of agricultural ministers. Belgium will hold the presidency in the first half year of 2024. On this occasion, we invite you to a low-budget press trip in the province of Limburg. There will be plenty of farm visits and the possibility to meet the ministers. The detailed program and the registration will follow soon. Registration starts in the 2 nd half of February 2024; please don’t hesitate to contact Adrian Krebs beforehand, when you are interested.

For more information about the informal meeting:



19th to 22nd of June 2024
LBPT to Norway “Future Farming 24”

Preliminary program: Norway is the only non-EU Scandinavian country, and it will be interesting to see how the farmers cope with the actual situation and the various challenges. The program starts in the afternoon of June 19th. We will visit a few of them, e. g. two milk producers, a crop farm using innovative technology, a strawberry farm and a farm with organic vegetables. Other highlights are visits to the University of As, Norway’s most important Agricultural University and the Apelsvoll research farm on beautiful Lake Mjoesa. The program ends June 22 around noon at the Oslo airport.

8th and 9th of July 2024
Press and network event for the EU-FarmBook Project

EU-FarmBook is a Horizon Europe project that is working at regional, national, and European (EU) levels to build an online platform for gathering and sharing agriculture and forestry knowledge. ENAJ and EU-FarmBook will organize a Press- and Network Event at the University of Gent. The Press- and Network Event topic is „Moving towards resilient farms“. The goals are to connect European agricultural journalists with decision-makers, scientists, and agribusiness representatives and to transfer innovation from science to agriculture. The participation fee and detailed program will be presented soon.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Melanie Epp () for more detailed pieces of information.

For more information about EU-FarmBook:



6th to 9th of October 2024
LBPT to “The Green Earth of Italy” and ENAJ General Assembly
Umbria region is famous as “the green earth of Italy”. The LBPT will focus on an extraordinary production of that district: the saffron, which has grown here for centuries and is a pillar of the agricultural economy. The Ag journalists will be hosted near Orvieto and can follow the saffron production cycle from fields to dishes. The area is also renowned for olive oil and wine production; farmers harvested olives and grapes in that period. There are plenty of reasons for a trip to Umbria next autumn. Our general assembly and the triannual elections of our management committee will also be part of the program. The detailed program will be communicated in time to come. Registration opens about three months before the event.

Please don’t hesitate to contact Adrian Krebs beforehand if you are interested in participating.


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