Bis 15. Juni kann man sich noch für den ENAJ-LBPT in die Südpfalz (Deutschland) anmelden. Ebenfalls fix ist das Programm der Pressefahrt, die eine nachhaltige Gemüse- und Weinproduktion in diesem Teil Deutschlands zum Thema hat (wir berichteten bereits darüber).



Die Arbeitssprache ist Englisch.

Hier die Einladung der ENAJ (in englischer Sprache): ENAJ_Pressetrip_Programm-final



06-08 July 2023 Schifferstadt / South Palatinate, Germany

The CAP goals are a challenge for crop production and husbandry but also for special crops such as wine, fruit and vegetable growing. On the one side, it is necessary to reduce pesticides and fertilizers to protect groundwater and biodiversity. On the other side, special crops are highly sensitive to pests. Furthermore, the availability of pesticides is decreasing, and climate change increases the emergence of harmful insects and drought stress on plants. Therefore, winemakers and vegetable producers need innovative ideas and strategies to be still successful in the future.

In Southern Palatinate, near the border with the famous Alsace, France, wine and vegetable production have a long tradition. Vegetable growers supply the metropoles of Frankfurt and Stuttgart and the wines of the Palatinate find customers across borders.


Wenn die Zwiebeln reif sind, knickt das Laub ab


The German Guild of Agricultural Journalists VDAJ and ENAJ invite you to a press trip covering approaches for successful strategies for sustainable wine and vegetable production. You will visit farms, wineries and a research institute and speak to farmers, winemakers, researchers and stakeholders. We are sure there will be inspiring ideas, and your readers and target groups will appreciate your stories.

Participation fee and number of participants: 180 Euro, 25 participants (max 2 per country)

Included in the fee


Not included in the fee.


Hotel Zur Kanne, Kirchenstraße 7-11, 67105 Schifferstadt

Travel arrangements
Please organize the travel yourself as follows:

If you arrive by train:
Mannheim, the central train station, is a very well-connected train station. All 20 minutes, there is a regional train (S-Bahn) to Schifferstadt, which takes 14 minutes.

If you arrive by plane:
Frankfurt am Main (best option), any other airport with a suitable ICE connection with Mannheim main station.


Der Raps beginnt zu blühen.



Thursday, July 6
Arrival in Schifferstadt at your own preferable time.

A meal and a wine tasting, hosted by Raiffeisen Warenzentrale RWZ, will be served around dinner time 19.30 h at Restaurant Salischer Hof.

Friday, July 7
7.00 h Breakfast
7.45 h Departure of the bus
8.30 h Visit of JKI, Federal Research Centre for Cultivated Plants, Institute for Grapevine Breeding Geilweilerhof; Insights into actual research projects, visits the vineyards, wine tasting of mould-resistant grapes
11.15 h Arrival at Winery Schenk and Siebert in Grünstadt, ecological wine production in conversion phase from conventional farming to organic farming with the support of the new software solution Vineyard Cloud by RWZ
13.00 h Snack
14.45 h Arrival at vegetable farm Fehmel, Mutterstadt and Regional contract farming, logistics, trade and processing to increase the added value and to contribute against food waste
16.30 h Arrival at Hotel
17.30 h Departure evening programme
18.00 h Arrival at BASF, Ludwigshafen, diner and winetasting

Keynote: Insights in the project FarmNetwork


Freilandsalat wird beregnet


Saturday, July 8
7.30 h Breakfast
8.30 h Departure of the bus
9.00 h Visit of the farm of Dominik Bellaire, Schmiedhof in Neupotz; Digital farming, reduced CO2-emissions, crop and dairy
11.30 h Visit of organic winery Hörner, Hainbachhof GbR, Hochstadt

Both farms are part of BASF’s FarmNetwork. The network comprises 56 farms, with the southern Palatinate region. as their centre of concentration. The aim is to determine which measures have particularly beneficial effects on biodiversity and are easy to implement simultaneously.

Goodbye Snack at the Winery

13.00 h Departure bus
13.30 h Arrival Hotel Zur Kanne, Schifferstadt
14.30 h Arrival at Mannheim main station

Registration deadline 15. June Registration-Form-ENAJ-LBPT-Germany-2023-
Please submit your registration by 15. June 2023 with the registration form. Please send it to and to

The Low Budget Press Trip is organized by Deutscher Verband der Agrarjournalisten VDAJ in collaboration with the European Network of Agricultural Journalists ENAJ. It is supported by the following sponsors and further partners: BASF, RWZ