Die nächste ENAJ Low Budget Pressereise führt im März in die Niederlande. Organisiert wird die Pressefahrt von den Kolleginnen und Kollegen der niederländischen Gilde (NLJV) in Zusammenarbeit mit ENAJ. Da nur zwei Teilnehmer pro Land möglich sind, bitte rasch anmelden an Stefan Nimmervoll



Dutch Dairy – Innovations in Emission
Das Thema der Reise ist sehr aktuell: „Dutch Dairy – Innovations in Emission.“ Die niederländische Landwirtschaft und vor allem die Milcherzeuger stehen derzeit unter massivem Druck Emissionen zu reduzieren, und diese Pressereise wird zeigen, wie das geht, bzw. wie die holländischen Bäuerinnen und Bauern versuchen, mit dieser Situation fertig zu werden.

Nur zwei Teilnehmer pro Land möglich
Die Teilnehmerzahl ist auf 25 Personen begrenzt, daher können nur zwei Personen pro Land teilnehmen. Bitte rasch anmelden an Stefan Nimmervoll


Programme of the Low Budget Press Trip

“Dutch Dairy – Innovations in emission”

23 to 26 March 2023, Leeuwarden / Friesland, The Netherlands

The Dutch agriculture and the dairy sector in particular are under heavy political and social pressure to reduce emissions. The radical interventions planned by the government have led to violent farm protest. It is clear that the farmers have to react to the new challenges.



The Dutch Guild of Agricultural Journalists NVLJ and ENAJ are inviting you to a press trip covering possible approaches to emission reductions that have measurable positive effects to the environment and don’t strangle agriculture in the same time. You will meet farmers, policy makers, researchers, scientists and other stakeholders explaining you the situation in detail. We would be very happy to welcome you on this trip!

Participation fee and number of participants:
185 Euros. See registration form for transfer details. 25 participants (max. 2 per country).

Included in the fee:


Not included in the fee:


Gast op Stal, Wyns 28, 9091BD Wyns, The Netherlands

Sneak preview of the accommodation:
There are no single rooms, it’s either double rooms or rooms with more beds. Please bring a towel. If you prefer a hotel with a single room, it’s arrangeable but the price will be a lot higher (approximately 135 euro per night). Please be advised this will also be challenging with regards to transportation.

Travel arrangements
Please organize the travel yourself as follows:

If you arrive by train:
Please travel to Leeuwarden Station. A shuttle service will be organized from the Station to our farm stay.

If you travel by plane:
Possible arrival airports are:
Choose one of these Airports: Schiphol Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Maastricht-Aken or Rotterdam.
After arrival, take a train to Leeuwarden Station (tickets can be bought at the ticket boots in the central hall of Schiphol Airport, direction for the train on the central displays). There will be a shuttle service to our farm stay.

If you arrive by car
Navigate directly to the lodge, the address is: Wyns 28, 9091BD Wyns


Program (provisional program; to be confirmed)

Thursday, March 23
Arrival in the Netherlands at your own preferable time
A small meal or snack around will be available around dinner time, also for those who arrive later in the evening.

Friday, March 24 (to be confirmed)


Saturday, March 25 (to be confirmed)


Sunday March 26


Or in case of own transportation:
departure at your own chosen time

Registration deadline
Please submit your registration till February 21 2023 with the registration form, thanks!


Programm: LBPT NL program final


Registrierung: Registration Form ENAJ LBPT Netherlands 2023


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