Der mexikanische Agrarjournalistenverband AMEXMA hat eine internationale Pressereise vom 24. bis zum 27. Februar in die Jalicsco-Region organisiert. Die Kosten für die Teilnahme sind selbst zu tragen.



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AMEXMA, the guild of agricultural journalists and communicators in Mexico , is hosting a 4-day press tour of farms and agri-food facilities in the Jalisco region from 24-27 February 2023.



The tour will include farms, wineries, small fruits, avocado and tequila production and processing. The event will be topped off with exclusive access to a meeting on the Canada-US-Mexico Free Trade Agreement, and a panel discussion on the Future of Agricultural Journalism.



Join with your colleagues from around the world to get a first-hand perspective on Mexican agriculture and agri-food facilities. Learn more about the tripartite trade agreement among Mexico, Canada and the US from officials involved in agri-food trade.


$600 USD Hotel (double occupancy), includes breakfast and meals during the tours
$900 USD Hotel (single occupancy), includes breakfast and meals during tours
$160 USD Extra days, per night, single or double, breakfast included



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Participants are responsible for their own travel arrangements to and from Mexico, as well as visa and travel insurance.



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