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Kroatien bietet Exkursion an: Interesse?

Kroatien will seinen Agritourismus vorstellen und dazu Journalisten aus Österreich, aber auch aus Portugal, Italien, Norwegen, Irland, Slowakei, Bulgarien, Ungarn, Griechenland und Belgien einladen. Wer daran teilnehmen will, meldet sich bis 15. Augst. Kosten, Details und Voraussetzungen stehen hier im Detail.

Journalists for agritourism press tour in east continental Croatia

Dear journalists,
in order to introduce European journalists with agri tourism in continental eastern Croatia, strengthening the public interests about the types of non-mass tourism, which aims to preserve the natural and cultural heritage of the local community, Croatian Environment Press Centre organize  3-day working First Forum of journalists from EU region who are interest to write on topics of rural tourism and agri tourism.

The Forum will be organize in September, and will consist of educational and "press tours" in agri tourism sites in Slavonia and Baranja.

Framework plan for activities of the Forum includes lectures, presentations, a tour of the wine roads and wine tastings, visits to family farms, and tasting gastro delights of in Slavonia and Baranja. Accommodation will be organize in the town Osijek, the administrative headquarters of Osječko Baranjska County.

Please, be so kind and take a short virtual tour of this area: http://www.tzosbarzup.hr/en/destinations

Condition for participation:
•    registration fee : 90 euros per person ( registration fee provides all the costs of accommodation, food and a press tour for the duration of the 3-days Forum)
•    no reimbursement of traveling (each paid itself)
•    application have to include : short motivation letter (300 words) , editors recommendation (where reportage about Forum will be published), summary of PP-presentation about agrotourism in applicant's country (300 words)
•    pre-registration letter is needed : deadline August, 15th
•    paying registration fee : deadline August, 30th

Ljiljanka Mitoš Svoboda, organizer of Forum

contact: ljiljankamno@sonicht.gmail.com

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