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IFAJ.Kongress in den Niederlanden: Nun anmelden

Vom 11. bis 15. Juli findet in den Niederlanden der nächste IFAJ-Kongress statt.

Discover (y)our Dutch Roots from Wednesday 11 July till Sunday 15 July 2018.
The Dutch guild NVLJ has the privilege to invite you to discover Dutch Roots during the IFAJ2018 World Congress in the Netherlands. Come and join us from July 11 till 15 for a tour through the Dutch agri-food chains.

During our congress you will touch on the Dutch knowledge development at Wageningen University & Research and will have a chance to see the Dutch agriculture sector in practise. The Dutch Roots congress focuses on three main themes: Circular Economy, Smart Farming and Urban Delta. With these themes and the context of the agri-food chains in which they operate, the challenges of dairy, poultry, pig and cattle farmers as well as those of arable crop and greenhouse crop producers will be addressed.

The congress in a nutshell
The 4 day programme:
•    11 July: ‘Discover Food Valley’: welcome and tours Food Valley.
•    12 July: ‘Setting the scene’: plenary meeting, keynote speakers, introduction to three main themes and workshops.
•    13-14 July: Tours: travelling through the Netherlands during two days, and closing evening on the 14th.

Infos: Opens external link in new windowhttp://www.dutchroots.info

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