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IFAJ: Neue Homepage, neues Logo

Der internationale Agrarjournalistenverband IFAJ, dem auch der VAÖ angehört, hat seine Homepage runderneuert und verwendet seit Jahresbeginn 2017 auch ein neues Logo. Mehr hier:

Launch of the New IFAJ Website
The International Federation of Agricultural Journalists, IFAJ, has launched its new website. The updated website has new graphics, enhanced navigation and can be used on any mobile devices.

The IFAJ is a non-partisan, professional association for agricultural journalists in 45 countries. The internet and social media is an extremely useful way for the organisation to communicate with all the members. But the IFAJ website is also a very important way to market the organisation’s work for partners, sponsors and other interests.

The updated IFAJ website includes changes to navigation, with dropdown menus for both mobile and desktop versions. The structure of the content has been improved, so it will be easier to find the information. There is a whole host of smaller but impactful changes, all to make the experience of the adjusted IFAJ website that much better.

Amongst the new features, the IFAJ website contains integrated social media buttons for Facebook and Twitter to foster improved communication.

At the same time IFAJ also launches its new logotype, which has a new modern look with updated color and a new font.

Die neue Homepage: http://www.ifaj.org


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