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AgroIsrael: Zweite Ausgabe im Netz

Edna Ziv, Founder & Manager des internationalen digitalen Agrar-Magazins „AgroIsrael“, hat die zweite Ausgabe ins Netz gestellt (Link unten).

Ziv schreibt: „Several months have passed since the publication of the first International digital agriculture magazine AgroIsrael. The issue has elicited a flood of exciting and encouraging feedback from all around the world. Your comments have reinforced my  belief, that International partnerships in the field of agriculture for the sake of food security throughout the world can be strengthened and expanded. In this digital magazine, acting in cooperation with agricultural organizations in Israel, which specialize in technological developments and innovation in agriculture, We chose articles focusing on a vast variety of topics. I hope you will enjoy reading them.“ Und: „Comments and requests are welcome.“
Hier der Link:

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