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Agroisrael: Dritte Ausgabe im Netz erschienen

„Agroisrael“, das englisch-sprachige digitale internationale Agrarmagazin aus Israel, hier wurde schon mehrmals darüber berichtet, hat seine dritte Ausgabe ins Netz gestellt.

Welche auch bei uns interessanten Themen: Welternährung, Wasser vs. Trockenheit, neue Früchte etc. im Heft zu finden sind, beschreibt unter dem Titel „The Enormous challenges facing mankind“ der stellvertretende Herausgeber Amos de Winter in seinem Editorial unter anderem:

„ ... When we first considered publishing the magazine, we were faced with countless international agricultural magazines about what was happening in agriculture around the world, but our desire was to focus on the latest innovations offered by the Israeli agriculture to the people all over the globe.

95% of the scientists in the global scientific community have already accepted global warming as an ongoing reality - a phenomenon that occurs as a result of human activity on our planet - the blue and spectacular ball we all live in.

If the rate of warming continues at the same current paste, within a few decades scientists expect a 50% decline in traditional agricultural crops, which won't be able to withstand the rising temperatures. In his article, Prof. Emeritus Yosef Mizrachi of Ben-Gurion University, explains why it is so important to acclimate new fruits and vegetables, so that we can meet the growing demand for food, which already growing due to natural population growth. For decades, Prof. Mizrahi acclimatized a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, which he brought to Israel from all around the world. When we talk about fruit, we usually think of apples, citrus fruits, and so on, but there are hundreds of other tasty and healthy fruits that haven’t found a place on supermarkets shelves, which can be exploit for a better future.

Poverty is a terrible thing: 80% of Africans live without running water and electricity. In this issue we bring Prof. Dov Pasternak story, who after years of glorified research in Israel decided to devote his life to solving the food problems in those African countries in the Sahel region.

In the current Agro-Israel issue we present the latest developments that will help the world in saving water for irrigation, in new and fast protein production methods of and in improving cultivation techniques. ...“

PDF der aktuellen Ausgabe: http://en.calameo.com/read/004663782c5c6dedeacc5

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